Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My parents drove up on August 1st to spend the night here with me and help clean my apartment before I move.  Monday morning (Aug. 2nd), we got up and drove to Portland, ME where we traditionally spend the first night of our vacation.  We checked into our hotel and we had the rest of the day to spend playing tourist since my parents had spent the previous night in Boston.  That afternoon, we decided to do something different and go on a Harbor Tour.  In years past we just zoom right through Portland, but this year we chose to explore the city especially since we keep reading about it in various magazines including the US Air magazine that I read part of on the way to my conference in Arizona.  The Harbor Tour was essentially a mini ferry that picked up and dropped off passengers as it toured the harbor.

After the tour, we were getting hungry so we decided to head to...(gross name coming) Duck Fat where, rumor has it, they have the best french fries, so of course my dad couldn't pass that by.  I must agree, they were the best and perfectly salted, if I don't say so myself.  Mom and dad went to dinner after an hour to relax in the hotel because I had fallen asleep.  We went back to Duck Fat for dessert.

I will add more later.

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