Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apartment/Roommate Hunt and Baclofen Pump Update

Today I met with a potential roommate in Cambridge, MA and I feel like we clicked almost instantly.  As I was leaving, she told me she was waiting to hear from other potential roommates, but that she would let me know soon whether or not I could move in at the end of the month.  This apartment is a three bedroom, and with two leaving, there are two "slots" for potential roommates.  I think my chances are good.  I feel like I'm talking about a job interview when talking about the apartment hunt at this time of the year, but it's true.  People "interview" and visit for roommates, the same way they would for a job, except the process is much more personal.  The other obvious differences being rent and a firm deadline.  In my case, my deadline is two weeks away, eek!

Yesterday, I met with the Neurosurgeon at the Brigham who will most likely be doing the surgery to implant my Baclofen pump.  I still need to hear from his secretary to schedule my visit with Anesthesia and have all of my pre-op tests done.  I really like this doctor.  He took time to answer my questions and did not have a "superman" ego.  Talking with him was like talking to an equal.  Dr. A said I should hear from his secretary within 3-4 days, so hopefully I will hear something by Friday after I return from volunteering.  I am really ready to get this going since I have had the spasticity in my toes and ankle for about 10 years.  As ready as I am to get this scheduled, I will probably choose to have it done around mid-September to allow time for me to move and get settled in my (yet to be determined) new apartment.

In other news, I am taking Human Growth and Development through Bucks County Community College.  It starts on 8/25 and goes until the second week of December.  I really hope I can get through this class because for whatever reason, I don't do well when I take one class per semester as demonstrated by my poor approach to Medical Terminology earlier this summer.  I will take another go at Medical Terminology  in October during a 10-week session.  

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