Monday, August 2, 2010

General Update and Maine Tomorrow

Today is August first which means the lease to my very first apartment ends in 30 days.  I received two leads from a wonderful realtor who finds roommates AND apartments.  The first was too far away, while the second had a weird layout and I didn't get a good vibe from it.  My expectations are much lower this year since time is not on my side and my budget is much lower.  I was going to meet with someone I found on today, but she had to work so we will have to meet when I return from my vacation.

Things have been slowly progressing on the Baclofen pump implantation front.  In Philly, we need to schedule the intake appointment at Jefferson (neurosurg, anesthesia, and pre-op tests).  I need to do the same in Boston at the Brigham, but I am rather hesitant since after multiple messages, I have yet to hear from Dr. L at Spaulding to get the OK to proceed with implantation surgery.

I have made progress in the Child Life practicum/internship department!  So far I have applications for and am planning to apply to the practicum at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, Alfred I duPont Children's Hospital (in Delaware), Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and St. Christopher's Hospital for Children (in Philly).  I also have the internship applications for Bristol-Meyers Squibb Children's Hospital (in NJ) and Hershey Medical Center (in PA).  I am slowly and steadily working on these applications as I contact other hospitals for applications.

I leave for Maine tomorrow.  My mom and dad spent the night here in my apartment and I will sleep on my futon.  I have been going to Maine for about as long as I can remember and you can bet I will bring my laptop along so I can blog while I am there.

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