Monday, June 7, 2010


I decided to restart my blog. But then I decided, why restart when you can start from scratch? Last night, came the sudden realization that with the way things are right now I will be homeless with no where to go come August 31 when the lease on my first apartment ends. Needless to say, that is daunting because I am really comfortable in Boston and would only leave if had no other choice.

After graduating from Simmons College last May, I took one graduate non-matriculated course through Wheelock College which resulted in a withdrawal because I was in the hospital five times due to random new problems from my Mitochondrial Disease. I decided to register for another non-matriculated course through the same institution this spring, but the course did not end as well as I had hoped and once again, I was denied admission into Wheelock College's Master's in Child Life and Family Centered Care Program.

So now, once again, I am at a crossroads.

Yesterday, my mom and I went to staples and had some personal business cards made so I could take them to the Child Life Conference next week to give to various people I meet instead of having to write down my name, number and email address countless times. I also need my roommate Fawn to email me my most recent resume since I rather foolishly decided not to bring it home with me on the train. In other words...I was smart to leave it home in Boston because it can be a pain to deal with on the train and a hassle when I want it with me on a plane because it had to be removed from its' carrying case to ride in its' own bin through security to be turned on by TSA personnel. Oye! I just wish I had thought ahead and emailed my resume to myself before running for the train in the early afternoon on Thursday.

Last night I was thinking about the various ways someone goes about getting the 480 hours of clinic hours required by the Child Life Council (CLC), the governing body of Child Life Specialists. I believe most get obtain their hours through internships on their way towards obtaining their degree. I applied to one of the few graduate child life programs for the second time in March and, well you know how that went from reading the beginning of this post. Then I remembered reading something somewhere that said the hours could be obtained through direct supervision of a Child Life Specialist without having to go through graduate admissions. This morning I emailed my supervisor at Children's to see if she, or anyone else would be able to do this with me. I really hope someone there can since I have been there for nearly 5 years and know the people quite well. Hopefully she will get back to me tomorrow.

Apparently, summer has begun! How time does fly... For the first time in about 4 years I am not, I repeat, not taking a summer course!! Woohoo!! This summer will truely count. I am not sure why, when or how exactly this rather new summer "tradition" started but recently I have started to set a goal that I will read 10 books every summer cover to cover. Which can be hard sometimes, especially since sometimes it takes me right up until the middle when I decide I do not like the book and cannot continue reading.

Packing for the Child Life Conference must begin and end tomorrow because Wednesday mornning, its of to Arizona!!!

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