Bucket List

This list took shape around my 24th Birthday.  At the time, my closest friends were in the hospital with various effects from Mitochondrial Disease.  It occurred to me then that we are more mortal that we realize and that not every day is a guarantee.  This list is not set in stone.  I can and have added to it since I posted the original.   
  1. Touch an elephant
  2. Sing Handel's Messiah in a chorus
  3. Attend a taping of Saturday Night Live (New York City)
  4. Go to the Kentucky Derby (5/4/13)
  5. Give life (donate blood, bone marrow, have a baby)
  6. Be a bride's maid in a wedding.
  7. Go to Ireland
  8. Visit Beethoven's grave (Vienna)
  9. Attend a live performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, preferably in Symphony Hall (5/24/11 in Philadelphia with the Philadelphia Orchestra.)
  10. Go to the hairdresser and give them free reign 
  11. Go to a fancy occasion without my feet hurting
  12. Get a job as a Child Life Specialist
  13. Go to the World Series, preferably, in Boston ;).
  14. Attend a performance of The Holiday Pops in Boston (12/20/10)
  15. Go on a cruise (4/8/12-4/15/12)
  16. Serve as an extra in a movie
  17. Attend a red carpet event/movie premier
  18. Read two books a month for a year
  19. Complete a 5k Walk
  20. Go horseback riding, again
  21. Take ballroom dance lessons
  22. Perform Moonlight Sonata, again
  23. Swim in the world's largest swimming pool (Chile)
  24. Visit a rain forest (2/29-3/7/13)
  25. Go ziplining
  26. Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean
  27. Go to Australia
  28. Go rock climbing, again
  29. Go skiing, again
  30. Ride on the Orient Express (train)
  31. Sleep in an overnight train
  32. Ride The London Eye, again
  33. Name a star
  34. Visit The Four Corners (UT, CO, AZ & NM) (8/28-9/4)
  35. Take a shower, or at least wash my hair in the rain
  36. Reach 20 followers on my blog
  37. Be recognized for my blog
  38. Distribute Halloween candy (yes, I have never done this)
  39. Watch the pony swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island
  40. Visit Hollywood Walk of Fame
  41. Attend a live performance of Mahler's 8th, Symphony of a Thousand
  42. Be involved in a clinical trial
  43. Try a carmel apple
  44. Put a star atop a Christmas tree
  45. See a taping of The Ellen Show or Jimmy Kimmel Live
  46. Learn to play the cello.  
  47. Participate in a flashmob
  48. Visit all 50 states 

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