Monday, October 25, 2010

Slow and Steady...

Just to start, the title is in reference to my progress with Child Life practicum and internship applications, not my gait ;).

I am still working on my essay, the all to vague question, What is your Philosophy of Child Life.  I'm glad I have a friend helping me who went through the same process a few years ago :).

One of the CLSs and Boston Medical Center called me and left a message so I will call her back ASAP, hopefully tomorrow.  I sent another email to Cohen Children's Medical Center in NY.  I heard back from Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, but unfortunately at this time they cannot accept students who aren't enrolled in a specific school they have a relationship with.  Connecticut Children's Medical Center also got back to me with an application!  I hope to finish this application ASAP in hopes I can get it before they send out letters to the other applicants.  They require two letters of recommendation so I sent an email to another CCLS who I have worked with at Children's Hospital Boston asking if she would be able and willing to serve as my second reference. 

As far as things go regarding my Baclofen pump, nothing has changed apart from the simple yet important fact that my doctor responded to one of my emails.  My dose remains the same, but hopefully it can be adjusted during PT either tomorrow or Thursday now that my doctor is no longer MIA.  I also start OT on Thursday.

Sunday night I watched my true home team, The Philadelphia Phillies lose the National League Championship Series to the San Diego Padres, dashing our chance at the 2010 World Series.  I wasn't terribly upset though because we did win the coveted game last year.  Better yet, we didn't just win the World Series just anywhere, we won it at home, and that is one of the best things ever!!


  1. So... as a born-and-bred San Fransican, I have to inform you that the home team is NOT the Padres, but rather the GIANTS! Because my grandfather's family is from Boston and my dad grew up in the Bay (SF Bay - not MA), I grew up as a fervent Giants/Red Sox fan. My grandfather always said that the only problem I'd ever have is if they end up in the World Series against each other. Otherwise, we root like heck for both teams!

    ♥ Chels

    PS The Padres are from San Diego. It was the first team jersey I wore in Little League!

  2. Thanks. I updated my post. My home team, I meant, my Phillies, since I didn't really become a Sox fan 'til I realized Curt Schilling had settled here not so long ago.

    You wrote my first and only comment!!


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