Monday, October 18, 2010

Playing with Time...Child Life

Needless to say, things have been a bit crazy and I have fallen desperately behind on my all too important Child Life internship/practicum applications.  I wrote my essay, Child Life Philosophy on 9/4 and the "draft" was "magnificent" according to the seasoned CCLS who offered to read it for me.  I am reading it over again not only to remember what I wrote over a month ago, but also so I can strengthen what I have, if possible.

In other Child Life news, the Child Life Council recently published their Directory of Child Life Programs online to facilitate the search of practicums and internships.   This is a BIG DEAL because until last week, all of us had to go by what was written in a book published in 2006, which meant a lot of out-dated information.

Through this god send, I learned that Boston Medical Center has a Child Life practicum/internship.  I called the "acting" Child Life director and she told me one of their CLSs will get back to me regarding their program and its requirements!  I also sent an email to Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York, Connecticut Children's Medical Center and Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center (NY).

I still haven't had improvement since my Baclofen dose was increased on the 6th.  My doctor at Spaulding said he could come and adjust it if needed while I am in PT (his office and outpatient therapy are on the same floor), but I haven't heard from him since an email almost two weeks ago.  Wednesday is 10/20 which is the one month anniversary of my surgery.  The next day, simple things such as sitting up and standing were incredibly painful since I had one incision in my back and another in my belly.  This was incredibly discouraging, because while I knew where the incisions would be, I was not prepared for the intense level of pain I would feel.

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