Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rain, rain, I welcome you...

It seems like whenever rain is in the forecast, I always heat someone whine.  Why?  A few raindrops never hurt anyone.  Why don't people enjoy rain and just make the best of it?

As a kid I always enjoyed putting on my "rain gear" so I wouldn't get wet while waiting for the bus.  In elementary school, I had a large umbrella that resembled a school bus!  It was bright yellow all around and had "windows" like a school bus on the front.  I loved rain then just as much as I love it now.


During my college years at Simmons I always enjoyed seeing the inevitable parade of rain boots marching around the buildings.  I have a pair of red boots with white polka dots and I secretly can't wait for them to wear out so I can buy new ones.  Apart from sneakers and slippers, rain boots are the only pair of shoes (or boots) I can wear comfortably.  

I actually enjoy rainy days, especially when lightening is involved!  For me, rainy days are the same as snow days, just a different season. Rainy days help break things up.  Don't get me wrong, I love sunny and warm days, but after awhile some variety is in order.

Earlier today just before leaving for an appointment, I paused at the door unsure if I should bring a rain jacket or not.  I decided against it, after all it's just water.  If my hair gets wet, so what there are far worse things to things to worry about apart from geting wet.

After all...


So next time it rains, I encourage you to just relax a bit and dance!


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