Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Progress is Progress

Alas, I still haven't called the woman at Connecticut Children's Medical Center yet.  I really need to do that, yet I am nervous because I don't know how to prepare.  I want a practicum or internship, but I feel I need to be as prepared as possible when I call, rather page this woman because I don't want to "over tell" in response to a simple question because I am nervous.  Make sense?

Cohen Children's in NY is offering a summer practicum.  I just need to read over my essay, make sure it fits their needs and their word limit of approximately 300.  I also need a copy of the recommendation letter my supervisor at CHB wrote for me with her signature across the flap.

I just left another voicemail for Boston Medical Center asking if they are offering a summer practicum or internship.  Hopefully they will call me back soon since they are the only hospital in Boston that will accept independent students.  

I am working on the practicum application for Children's Hospital at Dartmouth, in NH.  CHaD requires three recommendation letters for practicum students (really uncommon).  I have my two from CHB, and I decided my third should come from one of my Psychology professors at Simmons College.  I sent him two emails and it appears Simmons is having an issue with their email system since the second came back telling me my message might take days to go through.  If I don't hear a response from him via email soon, I may have to leave a voicemail.  Hopefully my email didn't end up in spam since my address no longer ends in @simmons.edu.  CHaD also requires a CPR Certification which I will obtain on February 19th through an Adult, Child and Infant CPR class given through the Red Cross.

Finally, yesterday I registered for the Child Life Council's 29th Annual Conference on Professional Issues in Chicago, May 25th-29th.  I booked my room last week and now all I need is my flight.

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