Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Such is Life in the Boonies of Boston Without a Car

I go to Spaulding Rehab Hospital in Boston about twice a week for outpatient PT and now OT.  If my first appointment is at 1:45 or 2:30, I have to take the 12:30 bus.  Thank goodness for my Kindle!  From my building to Spaulding takes about 45 minutes, which includes the bus, a subway and another subway.  The appointments are 45 minutes so if there are back-to-back it's easier time wise, but kind of repetitive since a break and change of scenery would be nice in between.  It takes longer to get home because instead of waiting for the bus at home, I'm waiting for it in a cold bus way at Harvard Station.  I have waited anywhere from no time to 40 minutes for the bus home.  Thank goodness it's not terribly cold yet.  With the commute and appointments, I could easily be gone for 5 hours.

As far as things go on the Child Life front, I just called the CLS at Boston Medical Center.  I meant to do it earlier in the week, but since I usually don't get home before 5, I didn't think she would still be there.  Tonight I left her a voicemail with my email so hopefully she will email me since my schedule and phone tag don't mix well.  I heard back from Cohen Children's in NY and will sent my application along as soon as I finish this essay.  I am waiting for my second recommendation letter from another CLS at CHB to arrive in the mail so I can send my application to Connecticut Children's.

As far as things go regarding my Baclofen pump, my doctor got back to me last week and increased my dose by 20% on Friday.  I haven't noticed a change and my doctor said he could adjust it in PT this week, so I'm not sure how that will work since my therapist doesn't think he can actually do it in the PT area, so who knows.  I see him on the 10th for a refill, so I can certainly wait if an adjustment can't be don't tomorrow.

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