Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recap of Recent Events

Sorry for the delay between posts.  Things got crazy at the end of September and I forgot to update.

In my last post, I was describing how looking for an apartment was like a job hunt because there are "interviews" and waiting to hear from that person, well I moved to Cambridge and could not be happier :).  Max is happy too with his new friend Luna.  My roommates and I get along extremely well.  One is in school for Music Therapy and the other is working at McLean Hospital.  (My minors in college were music and psychology, so the fact  my roommates are involved in what I already know a fair amount about is really cool!!

I had my Baclofen pump implanted on 9/20 and spent the first day and a half at Brigham and Women's.  I was discharged from Spaulding Rehab on 10/2 after almost two weeks.  The first few days were spent recovering from surgery and the rest were devoted to working with my doctors trying to tweak the dose being delivered through my pump in an attempt to relieve my spasticity, while also receiving PT and OT.  My last adjustment was 10/6 and I was increased from 155mcg/day to 185mccg/day, which hasn't worked as I hoped.  Some are on doses as high as 1,800mcg/day.

Nine days after Baclofen Pump implantation surgery.  
Recovering at Spaudling Rehab in Boston.

When I had my trial in June, I received a 50mcg bolus and that worked like magic, the spasticity in my toes was gone!  I dicussed this with my doctor when I saw him last week, and if we decided to try 50mcg boluses again, I would need to be inpatient which I understand, I am just frustrated because through conversations I have had with my doctors, I thought I would leave Spaulding feeling like I had after my trial.  I didn't think I would have to return for outpatient PT and OT twice a week.  Granted, it could be worse, but I guess I think the doctors focused so much on the surgery they forgot, or undermined the fact that I would need outpatient PT.  The good thing about having to go to Spaulding for PT and OT is my doctor can come and adjust my pump while I am there so I don't need to make a separate 45 minute trip :).  My pump will be refilled on 11/10.

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