Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Hopeless Romantic

This post is not about me, but rather my cat Max.  I adopted Max from the MSPCA (the ASPCA, but in Massachusetts) last October.  

(Nov. '09)

Our studio faces Park Drive while the end of the hallway faces the rear of other buildings.  The hallway is essentially straight except for a "kink" about halfway down.  There is a female cat in the apartment at the far end of the hallway.  I have seen her, Fawn my roommate and good friend has seen her, but I doubt Max has.  Almost every time Fawn or I try to leave the studio Max runs out and sits outside the other apartment.  So far he hasn't tried to enter the elevator so whenever I have to go downstairs quickly to do laundry, check snail mail, or pick up delivery, I just leave my door open because that it easier than wrestling/coercing/startling him back into my studio.  (Of course when I leave the building I make sure he is in the studio and not roaming.)  Sometimes he is back in our studio by the time I return, but other times he is laying perfectly calm and content just outside his "girlfriend's" door.  Fawn and I refer to the cat down the hall as his girlfriend because by all accounts you would think they were friends, except for a tiny problem, they have never seen each other.  And so until they do, he will be a hopeless romantic.

(I have many more pictures of Max on my phone, and I will try to post them here as soon as I can figure it out ;)).

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