Saturday, June 26, 2010

Job Searching

On Thursday I meet with one of the career counselors at my alma matter, Simmons College.  The appointment was spent brainstorming and not actively job hunting online which caught me by surprise because I thought you could only be successful when you actively did something.  My career counselor advised me to talk to my supervisor Children's Hospital Boston, check Simmons College's job bank (jobs posted by employers who want Simmons Alums) daily, go onto and try Craigslist.  I also joined the Simmons College Alumni Group on and there is a career fair at The Seaport Hotel, Boston.  I pre-registered while writing this and plan on attending!  I am not moving back to PA with a stone unturned.

I applied to three jobs today: an entry-level temp receptionist position at a hotel in Cambridge, an entry-level temp Admin Assistant I position at a Boston non-profit, and a greeter at one of our Boston hospitals (all found on Indeed).  The temp positions are for 1 and 3 months, I just forget which position went to which time frame.  I emailed my supervisor at Children's Hospital Boston to see if we can get together for lunch this week so we can talk about my options in Child Life.  Simmons College's job bank, CareerLink is down for maintenance.  I found two Admin. Assist I jobs at Tufts, but it appears their website is having issues when I click on "yes" when asked if I want to apply as an external applicant.

The other issue at hand is housing.  My lease ends on 8/31 and I cannot renew because my rent is too expensive.  I applied to temp positions because it's better than nothing and like my career advisor said apply to anything, and so I did, but I'm not entirely sure how the timing will work should I get one of the temp jobs, especially the 3 month position.  It could start next month, or August, or even September.  What then?  Look for apartments with 2 or 3 month leases, if there are any?

I tried to register for the Medical Terminology at BCCC (my local community college in PA) and I am 8th out of 9 people on the waitlist.  If I can't get in by the July 1st start date, I may decide to postpone Child Life practicums until the next semester since the major reason for taking Medical Terminology is to strengthen my application.  I also want to take Child/Human Development again because the course I took while at Simmons wasn't as in-depth as I feel I need.  (Child/Human Development isn't offered through BCCC during Summer Session II and I couldn't find it online here in Massachusetts this late in the summer.

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