Monday, January 17, 2011

Progress in the land of Child Life

Turns out, the one application I got out in mid-December to Connecticut Children's Medical Center, is the one I received a call from last week!  The director called me asking for more information, didn't specify what exactly, but it clearly necessitated a phone call.  This is good news since it wasn't the, "Thank you for your interest, but..." phone call.  I know I should have called her ASAP, but I didn't want to be caught off guard by anything and choke.

I emailed Cohen Children's in NY yesterday asking if they were planning on having a practicum this summer.  I need to make sure I have my duckies in a row and not apply to places that may not be offering a program.  I will call Boston Medical Center after posting this to see if they are offering a summer internship.  I am working on the practicum application for Children's Hospital at Dartmouth, in NH.  (The key difference between practicums and internships is one is full-time.  While it would be great if I got a summer internship, my lease doesn't end until August 31st.  So getting an internship in Philadelphia is out of the question, but a practicum is not.)  CHaD requires three recommendation letters (at least for the internship) hopefully just two for the practicum.  They also require a CPR Certification which I will obtain on February 19th through an Adult, Child and Infant CPR class given through the Red Cross.

Finally, I just booked my room for the Child Life Council's 29th Annual Conference on Professional Issues in Chicago, May 25th-29th.  This will be my third CLC conference.  My first was in Boston shortly after I graduated from college in 2009.  I haven't been to Chicago, but I've heard it's windy there and they have two baseball teams, one good, the other, not so much.  

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