Friday, January 28, 2011

Now That's What I Call Progress!!

Today I finally spoke with the CL Director at Connecticut Children's and after clarifying that I would be starting a practicum in June, she told me she would contact me in March regarding interviews!!  I feel a bit dumb for getting so worked up about a simple call, but I'm sort of glad I got myself worked up because I tend to do better when I am a bit on edge.

I am almost finished with Cohen Children's (NY) application packet.  I just need to find my transcript and xerox it.  Finish the cover letter.  Read over my essay, make sure it fits their needs and word limit of approximately 300.  I also need a copy of the recommendation letter my supervisor at CHB wrote for me with her signature across the flap.  (Cohen doesn't require a resume, cover letter or my course work evaluation from the Child Life Council, but including these things can't hurt.)

I will call or perhaps get an email address for the acting director of Child Life at Boston Medical Center since my many voicemails have gone unanswered.  I just need to know if they are offering a summer practicum or internship.   

I am working on the practicum application for Children's Hospital at Dartmouth, in NH.  Like Connecticut Children's, CHaD requires paragraph length answers to ten questions.  I have a draft of three questions I haven't encountered before and some are basically the same as Connecticut Children's questions.  I will leave a voicemail for my former Psychology professor at Simmons College tonight since my emails likely went to spam and I need a third letter of recommendation.  CHaD requires three recommendation letters for practicum students (really uncommon).  CHaD also requires a CPR Certification which I will obtain on February 19th through an Adult, Child and Infant CPR class given through the Red Cross.

Yesterday I booked my flight for the Child Life Council's 29th Annual Conference on Professional Issues in Chicago, May 25th-29th.

Since I am waiting on an interview for one (CT), basically finished another (Cohen), working steadily on another (CHaD) and waiting to see if another (BMC) is offering program, I need to start another application (Yale) and email another (Montefiore).   

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