Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle

So I only got one Child Life application out, but the next deadline for internships and practicums is quickly approaching, January 5th.  I dragged my feet getting this first one out in part because I wasn't really getting anywhere with my Baclofen pump.  Things are still the same for the most part and PT/OT haven't gotten any easier.  If I was told in June I would be at virtually the same place come January even after multiple adjustments and PT/OT twice a week I would be in shock.  This isn't to say I wouldn't have gone forward, I just wouldn't have expected so much from the beginning.  That said, because I am still largely stuck in the land of appointments, it is hard for me to think of being able to do things on my own schedule when I'm spending so much of my time going back and forth to appointments.  PT/OT and frequent adjustments will come to an end, I just wish I knew when, so I could plan a life outside of a medical record number.

The one and only CL practicum application I got out was to Connecticut Children's Medical Center.  I have Cohen Children's in NY basically ready to go, but I need to figure out if I may need an official recommendation letter with a John Hancock on the envelope seal.  (I just have one copy of each of the original letters.)  I also need to call Boston Medical Center to see if they are offering a summer internship (I never heard from them in the fall).  I am working on the practicum application for Children's Hospital at Dartmouth, in NH.  (The key difference between practicums and internships is one is full-time.  While it would be great if I got a summer internship, my lease doesn't end until August 31st.  So getting an internship in Philadelphia is out of the question, but a practicum is not.)  CHaD requires three recommendation letters (at least for the internship) hopefully just two for the practicum.  They also require a CPR Certification which I will regardless at some point, I had just never seen it before on an application.

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