Monday, November 15, 2010

Week of Freedom...sort of...

This week I start outpatient PT and OT at Spaulding Rehab in Cambridge, which only involves two buses, not a bus and two subways.   My evals are on Wednesday which means I don't have regular PT or OT this week.  I still have to catch the same bus at 12:30, but the total time from door-to-door including appointments and waiting for the bus home should hopefully be less than 5 hours.  

As far as things go on the Child Life front, I have yet to hear from the CLS at Boston Medical Center.  I will try again after publish this post.  I finished Cohen Children's in NY's incredibly easy application and will sent that out as soon as I finish the essay.  I know I keep talking about  it. but it's one of those requirements that is really vague and as a result, I find myself avoiding it.   For Connecticut Chilldren's, I finished their application, but still have two or three essay-type questions I need to work over before they feel right.  I addition to these details, I also need to send along my transcript from Simmons College, my resume, list of goals, and my letter(s) of recommendation.  

As far as things go regarding my Baclofen pump, my doctor refilled it last week, increased my dose by 8% and added a single 50mcg bolus which seemed to lessen my spasticity a tad.  I'm  hoping for another increase sometime this week if another doctor is willing since my doctor will be out this week.  Dose adjustments require a trip to Boston, but I can handle once or twice a week.  I also hope to get back to volunteering at Children's Hospital Boston this week.  I could have easily returned about three weeks after my surgery, but I got lazy with things and kept running into deadlines.  I was also hoping to  make my return free from spasticity and be on the cloud 9 I was on during trial day back in June, but alas that has not happened, but we are hopefully getting close.  

In other news, my cousin, Stephanie recently published her first book, Whispers in the Soul.      Another friend of mine is making Christmas ornaments to not only go towards research for Mitochondrial Disease, but most importantly to raise money to keep her current lawyer so her third child can be returned to her care because Canada thought she was making her children sick, not Mito.

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