Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Productive Weekend

I was very productive this past weekend.  I updated my resume, organized the bottom of my closet, found 8 child life practicums, drafted an email to send to the child life directors of the programs, made several additions to my LinkedIn profile, updated my Monster.com profile, looked for jobs online (didn't have any luck and emailed Simmons College Career Education Center), did laundry, brushed Max, sent a text to one of the Child Life Specialists I met at the conference and likely did other things I cannot remember ;).  While I have had other productive weekends before, never have I had one that was so focused on my future.

This week I am meeting with someone at the Career Education Center at Simmons to discuss about how I can make the most of my job search since I already know what I want to do, but need to complete certain specific steps to get there.  I also need to email my supervisor at Children's Hospital Boston (the Child Life Specialist for the unit I volunteer on.  Lastly, I need to register for the Medical Terminology course at Bucks County Community College that I feel I should take to strengthen my application for child life practicums.

I am still just as unsure of my future as I was a few weeks ago, but I find that doing all I can to move further in any direction helps to empower and in a way distract me from all the uncertainties surrounding me.

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